What is a Social Media Post Template? A Closer Look

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Have you wondered how templates are related to social media posts? You may be a busy business owner or overtasked creative seeking a solution to the constant design requirement. A social media post template will help you save time and money.

Without consistent clean design which follows the four “PARC” principles (proximity, alignment, repetition, and contrast), your marketing efforts can quickly turn from helpful to harmful.

What is a Social Media Post Template?

A social media template is a combination of graphics premade and delivered to an end-user who can then revise and customize it with compatible software.

For example, a designer/creative produces a pack of Instagram revisable social media templates. The design can be edited on Canva.com. The end user can change it as they see fit and download it for their use and save time and money in the process.

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The benefit? Saving time and access to affordable, premium designs. If your small business doesn’t have a dedicated graphic design/creative media team, handling your brand’s image on your own is a sizable mountain to climb.

It could ultimately backfire. Poor design that fails to follow the PARC concepts can create an effective image of your brand.

You can view examples of social media post templates here.

Platforms to Use Social Media Templates

There are multiple online platforms where you can post social media templates. Instagram, Facebook, Youtube thumbnails, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. Template graphic designs can also be customized and posted to your website.

The options are endless when it comes to where you can utilize convenient template designs. Think of the social media platforms you use for your business and there’s a template pack available. A fresh design from an external resource can help your brand usher in new ideas.

Social Media Post Template Elements

There are numerous elements within social media templates you can revise and make your own to follow your brand guidelines. These elements include:

  • Fonts
  • Logo(s)
  • Color palettes
  • Graphic(s)
  • Photo(s)
  • Orientation
  • Alignment

A few simple changes can bring your brand’s image to life through effective social media posts. Social media templates can be altered in various ways.

Not every font works for your brand. Not any color palette will work. Customizable templates are a rich source of time-saving resources for your social media marketing strategy.

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