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immersive marketing graphic showing dimensional print marketing products and three logos for the dominate a neighborhood dominate a trade show and custom solution offerings

Alternatively, immersive marketing programs offered exclusively by R.L. Roberts II Design, LLC is a strategic offering aiming to deeply engage consumers by creating an interactive and compelling brand experience through high engagement direct response marketing

It involves using various sensory elements and technology to captivate an audience and make them active participants in the marketing campaign. Coupled by a unique digital marketing presence, our marketing solutions and graphic design are second to none.

Design + Immersive Marketing / Quality = Higher Engagement

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Most frequent questions and answers

Immersive marketing, featuring the Dominate a Neighborhood, Dominate a Trade Show, and custom solutions refers to a strategy that aims to deeply engage consumers by creating an interactive and captivating brand experience. It involves using various sensory elements to guide individuals into a branded environment or narrative, allowing them to participate actively rather than passively consuming your marketing content. Direct mail tactics have been known to raise response rates to an impressive 4.4% and select dimensional print marketing materials over 8%!

Choose from one of our offerings (Dominate a Neighborhood [DAN], Dominate a Trade Show (DTS), or our Custom Immersive Marketing solution. Once we select a solid list of leads, the project unfolds in two phases: Phase 1 – customer list generation and a post card mailer. Phase 2 – circle back with an engaging dimensional mail product.

Yes! If you have existing direct mail marketing efforts or promote your business throughout the year at various points (seasonal, etc.), we offer a year round DAN program offering. Ask us about more details regarding your specific marketing goals.