How does buying a PDF on Etsy work?

If you find yourself purchasing digital products on, odds are you’ll receive a PDF to download. If you’re new to the Etsy platform or have been using it for years, understanding the way digital products work can seem strange at first.

I have questions… like, how does buying a PDF on Etsy work?

Digital products like social media templates and other design templates are beneficial low-cost digital products for sale on sites like Etsy. Check out this article about what social media templates are – the concept remains the same: digital templates save time and money for you and your business.

Fast, easy-to-download packs for social media posts WILL save time and offers the business an easy way to add brand elements and customization. Customers both new and old will notice the effort you’re taking to boost your brand image.

1. Find Your Desired Product

Etsy has experienced a boom in digital products and sellers. Documents, logos, graphic design, capabilities statements, social media templates, and more and some examples of all the products available on Etsy.

2. Click “Add to Cart”

Add your item to your cart by clicking “Add to cart & check out” (or keep shopping!).

3. Pay Your Preferred Way

After the payment is complete, you’ll receive an instant PDF download. This PDF file will contain the product description and download link. Depending on the product, you could be taking to third-party design software to customize your template on sites like Canva.

4. Click on the Hyperlink

Just like that. Every Etsy seller is different, so the link will appear on the PDF somewhere. R.L. Roberts II Design usually places the download link on page 3.