5 Freelance B2B Business Opportunities 2023

A lot of companies operate in the B2B arena, offering an array of services to other businesses, and thrive only when they thrive. Success is found through a strong sense of teamwork and comradery. Let’s take a look at small businesses that begin as a startup and identify freelance opportunities throughout the growth cycle. There are many different freelance opportunities depending on the type of business your client has, but we’ll cover some general services that all businesses will benefit from directly. The freelance revolution is here, and entrepreneurship has never been so popular. Hard work is the only means to succeed. The question is, do you have what it takes to contribute to this ever-growing industry?

1. Logo (Graphic Design)

After an entrepreneur of any kind develops an idea in their head, they quickly create a name that suits the title of their business. The name directly describes the intention of the business, and it’s the logo that visually convinces potential customers, demanding their attention with its unique look and design. This is where the graphic designer comes into play, and with the online tools and free/paid software that’s available, combined with essentially low learning curves, it’s easy to become one and offer the optimistic business owner their forever logo. Go ahead, get out there, and design something!

2. Web Designer (Website Development)

You don’t need to know how to code like an employee from Microsoft in order to run a website design business. There’s a lot of software out there that has minimal learning curves that can give you a boost in learning how to design and customize sites for potential clients who either don’t have a website or are just getting started with their business. One excellent platform to learn and embrace is WordPress.org. Utilizing a web hosting site that supports a free WordPress install and taking a little bit of time to learn the content management system can lead to unique and fun business opportunities. So if you pay attention to detail and like creating things that customers will value, building websites can be lucrative.

3. Tax Service (Business Service)

Starting a tax service business can be rewarding. I’ve always heard about the great tax preparation services that so and so offer and helped get the Anderson’s a monster tax return for the first time in 20 years for their local produce business. This didn’t actually happen, but offering detailed and professional tax services for business owners can create strong relationships that may turn into referred leads and other opportunities. Create a website for your tax service, a logo, and a business plan, and market your tail off.

4. External Auditor (Business Service)

When a business owner is running things the same or not as great as it once was, there’s always room for improvement. Sometimes the reason for slow or no growth isn’t as transparent as they would like it to be. The solution? An audit service. Setting yourself up as a freelance auditor can bring low-cost startup success and will generate leads the more you discover rough patches that potentially halt your client’s growth. There are quality assurance membership sites that offer auditor certifications (if you’re in the quality industry). What is an audit? An audit can be done by checking standards against performed work, financial audits, safety audits, or employee code of conduct agreements. The goal is to convince potential clients that you’re detail-oriented and passionate about finding mistakes to better their company.

5. Social Media Management (Digital Marketing)

Most businesses today are finally realizing that social media is where a lot of opportunities exist. Building a strong following and crushing content/digital marketing can pull in new leads for business small and large, both established and new. If you’re savvy with social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and have a decent understanding of what a platform can do for a particular business, then social media management can be something that businesses will pay well for. There are so many things that business owners need to focus on, and if they understand the importance of social media, but don’t have the time to invest in it, then selling your services will be a way to land a great freelance gig.

There are many more opportunities to explore when analyzing businesses and what they need from freelancers like you. The truth is, we live in a tech-dominated business world, and remote freelance work is booming! I continue to look for opportunities, and hope you can find them too! What other opportunities do you see throughout the cycle of a new business startup?

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