3 Ways to Transform Your Business Into a Utility

We all have some sort of experience in dealing with businesses both large and small. We spend good money on electricity and water for our homes; expecting nothing short of great quality outlets and water faucets that, well, work.

It doesn’t at first sounds like a business that you want to go out and follow on social media as they post ads and clever memes that help grab your attention in hopes you won’t choose another provider. It’s a crazy thing to think about, really, that your local public utility company is truly dominant in its respective market and has no competition. They own it, so only they provide it.
Your choice as the consumer?

  1. Lights, water works.
  2. Lights, water doesn’t work.

That’s it.

I don’t think it’s only the simple fact that since they own it, and there’s no competition that’s the only reason to be happy as a consumer. Rarely do these utility companies allow a shortage, outage, or “bad quality” electric and water flow through your home. The overall get the job done and no one has reason to change things.

That’s exactly what your business can provide to your customers. A service, product, and customer service approach that no other can compete with. You keep everyone happy, they’ll have no reason to look elsewhere. It is obvious that’s the goal of any business, really. The difference lies in how your business is presented and the steps it takes to gain the trust of your customers both existing and new.

The following is three ways to transform your business into a utility.

1. Earn Trust Through Quality

Trust can be earned by being consistent and reliable. The more positive experiences a customer has, the greater the trust and room for error you’ll have in the future. Once the quality is established, a solid relationship is formed and embraced.

• Always remain professional, even when things are hectic
• Mirror positive experiences to the best of your ability
• Attention to detail will prove to be invaluable

2. Outshine the Competition

The competition is only as good as your business allows it to be. Staying current with new trends and developments in your market will provide your business the lead and advantage necessary for customers to never even consider anyone else.

• Always refer back to quality, it will greatly reflect your edge over the competition
• Study their moves. Whatever they do, find a way to do it better
• Be more helpful than more of a salesperson

3. Design and Mange a Great Website

Web presence is essential when attracting new customers. Avoid using template-based sites like Wix or GoCentral. They will provide a great look but will fail when generating traffic that turns into conversions and profit.

• Consider hiring a web designer. There are plenty of online tutorials that will eventually make you an expert, but the problem is the time to do so.
• Focus on blogs and great content that provides readers with valuable insight into your industry.
• Utilize social media and gain a following. It’s free.

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