What Does Branding Mean in Business?

Branding is all about establishing your identity as a business. How does it relate to business? Or more specifically, your business? Let’s take a quick look at what does branding mean in business.

What is branding?

Branding is how we bridge the gap between the unique voice we hold and the interaction between clients and customers. A distinctive design relative to our services, products, and customer service all plays a role in a business and its original brand.

Think Starbucks. How are they able to sell a cup of coffee which virtually tastes the same as one from Dunkin Donuts? Branding fueled by great marketing. How about Harley Davidson? Their brand reaches customers and stimulates something deeper within them. It’s just not a motorcycle, it’s a lifestyle, and Harley Davidson does a fantastic job curating that voice for customers all over the world in 100 different countries.

Developing Your Brand

Creating a brand is something requiring time and patience – and of course consistency. Customers want their problems solved, and if you can’t start there’s no brand because eventually there will be no business. A brand is what imagery, colors, and feelings come to mind when consumers think of your business. Is your business tagged with an eye-catching logo? Do the colors ignite a feeling of trust and assurance knowing your business will solve their needs/problems?

Start with a logo

A well-designed logo created with care, quality, and attention to detail is the first step. A great product and/or service behind that logo is what drives it. Logos will range in cost anywhere from $0 to thousands, and everywhere in between.

contracting logo design sison

Logo style sheet

Ensure you have a logo style sheet to hand out to business partners or internal employees working with your logo. You don’t want anyone taking the logo and altering it outside the guidelines outlined in the style sheet.

style guide for custom logo sison contracting

Need a Brand Identity?

I specialize in creating logos and style sheets. Contact me to learn more about the process and jumpstart your brand today. With years of experience as a quality professional and graphic designer, a unique logo to boost the momentum of your brand is guaranteed.

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