What is Included in a Branding Kit?

Whether you have a new business or it’s been around for some time, a branding kit establishes your identity by breaking down your logo. This includes documents and guidelines revolving around style elements such as font, color(s), imagery, logo placement, and external usage policies.

Let’s take a look at what is offered by designer R.L. Roberts 2 and what’s included.

Logo Creation/Revision

This is the fun part. Logo creation and tons of revisions before your company logo is presented. Gathering concepts and design expectations is the first step of logo creation. Are there existing designs you draw inspiration from? Is there a competitor who includes certain elements of their logo you don’t want to be included in yours?

All this information is gathered and applied to a design. Logos start with a better understanding of your brand’s voice and your requirements.

Brand Guide

logo brand guide clear space example
Brand Guide Template

A brand guide will include:

  1. Logo Details
  2. Color Details
  3. Font(s) Details
  4. Imagery
  5. Brand Elements
  6. External Brand Use Policy

Logo Details

Tagline, color application, clear space, incorrect usage, and formats.

Color Details

Primary color palette.

Font Details

Typefaces and hierarchy.


What kind of images are to be used with the logo? Will nature scenes work? Or will city images be more appropriate for your brand? It’s all about pairing your logo with the best image style.

External Usage

Is your logo acceptable to be used outside of your company?

Brand Style Sheet

style guide for custom logo sison contracting

A one-sheet style guide is great for handing out around the office. Those who work closely with clients and your brand elements can greatly benefit from a style guide. Print and laminate!

All three deliverables are available and backed by designer R.L. Roberts 2.

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