What is a Premade Logo and the Difference Between a Custom Design

What is a premade logo?

A premade logo is a form of graphic design that’s predesigned and ready for purchase. Certain elements of the logo, depending on the seller, are revisable/customizable. These elements include the company name, color scheme to match your branding, and minor changes to the design itself.

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The logo no matter if it’s a premade design or fully custom represents your brand. Choosing the correct one for your business is a crucial step to establishing your brand identity. So choose carefully!

Pros of a premade logo

  1. Time-saving. When you’re looking for a quick design that’s ready for your exclusive use, a premade logo design can save a boatload of time regarding the custom logo design process.
  2. Budget-friendly. A predesigned logo can save you tons of money. This is because choosing a predesigned logo for your business versus the fully custom design process means labor costs from the designer are dramatically reduced.
  3. Ready now. A predesigned logo is ready right now, and with a quick addition of your business name and the fewest revisions necessary, it’s the quickest way to go.
  4. Exclusive to you. Although premade logos are ready now, cheaper, and will save you money, they are also exclusive. This means the logo, once purchased, is yours and available to no one else.

Cons of a premade logo

  1. Missing out on the custom process. The custom process is fun, and when you choose a premade design, the process is eliminated, saving you time and money. This is ok in some circumstances, but starting a new business is exciting. Some may enjoy the process when working with a personable and detail-oriented designer.
  2. Lack of uniqueness. A premade logo is quick, cheaper, and exclusive, but due to the missing creative process, the unique touch may not be as impactful as a fully-custom design.

What is a custom logo?

A custom logo design is something created from scratch. This is compared to when you first decide to start a business. It’s exciting, unique, and something that speaks to you and your brand. The custom logo design process is 100% all about encapsulating that and revealing a mark of design that represents everything great about your business.

Pros of a custom logo

  1. Custom design. There will be no logo like yours. It’s designed to represent your business and your business only, so the designer will be working closely with you to achieve unity between your business and its logo.

Cons of a custom logo

  1. Cost. Sometimes a custom logo can cost more than a premade design. Many factors add to the cost of any particular logo design.
  2. Time. Creating a forever logo takes time. With initial concepts and revisions within the scope of a fully-custom logo design, it could take anywhere from two days to multiple weeks.

Choosing a premade logo versus a custom logo may seem a bit much at first, but in the end, it’s all about selecting a design that will make customers/clients think of your great products/services.

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